Servo Feeds

Servo Feeds

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPRE recently shipped a P450F12 Servo Feed with pull thru straightener going to Texas. This customer will be using our servo feed to run parts that are .125 thick and 12” wide mild steel. Our feeds are sized to insure they can handle the customers’ needs and do it for a long time.

Some of our standard features on our servo feeds include: Pneumatic feed roll release, brush-less AC servo drives with closed loop feedback system with diagnostics, remote pendant control, matte finish on the feed rolls, driven upper and lower rolls, adjustable guides, job storage for up to 99 setups, batch counting, multiple feed lengths and many other features that are only options on our competitors servo feeds.

This particular servo feed came with some added features like a floor mounting cabinet with power lift, and pneumatic auto clamping. With these features, the operator can quickly adjust the feed height when changing dies. The feed cabinet will un-clamp when the height is raised or lowered. It will automatically clamp to the press as soon as the height adjustment button is released.

Another great feature of our servo feeds, they are made right here in the U.S. Our plant is located in Springfield MO which gives us an advantage of being centralized for our customers. From our engineering dept. to our service crew, we are here for the long haul. With Press Room Equipment being in business for over 30 years there is not much we haven’t seen or done. So if you are in the market for a new servo feed please give us a shout. Like our Texan customer, we would love to work with you sizing the proper machine for your application.

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