Coil Handling Equipment

Coil Cradles

Primo Coil Cradle/Straighteners are built to give long life at low cost. All models are standard with self-centering adjustable inside plates for easy loading. Available in 2,000, 3,000 and 6,000 lb. capacities accepting stock up to 36” width.

Primo Coil Cradle/Straighteners

PRE Coil Cradles and Cradle Straightener Combos

PRE Coil Cradles and Cradle Straightener Combos

PRE Heavy-Duty Coil Cradle Straightener combinations handle coil widths to 60” and material thickness to .300”. Standard coil weight capacities are 6,000, 10,000, and 20,000 lb.

Single Arbor Payout Reels

PR-186000-DC Single arbor motorized payout reel.
PR-186000-DC Single arbor motorized payout reel.

Optional Features

  • Hold-Down Arms (hydraulic and pneumatic)
  • Hydraulic Arbor Expansion (standard on 15,000 lb. and larger)
  • Adjustable Centering Bases
  • Powered Turrets on Double Reels
  • Backing Plates (48” to 72”) (standard on larger reels)
  • Special Arbor Speeds
  • Special Expansion Ranges
  • Common Mounting Bases for Reels and Straighteners

PRE’s product line of Single Arbor Payoff Reels are of the best quality and value available anywhere. With heavy duty construction, powered or non-powered with various control options, they are designed for long term rugged service.

Standard Features

  • Quick release keeper arms -1500 lb and up
  • Heavy-duty welded-steel construction
  • Loop-control arm(on motorized reels)
  • All motorized reels feature soft start variable speed drive with PRE’s unique potentiometer loop arm speed control. Jog forward/reverse is included and other controls are available to suit customer needs
  • Manual arbor expansion is standard on reels from 1,500 to 10,000 lb. capacity.
  • Hydraulic arbor expansion standard on 15,000 lb. and larger reels

Optional Add-ons

  • Drum Type Arbor Shoes
  • Remote Pendant Control
  • 110 Volts at Controls
  • Transformers
  • Ultra-Sonic Loop Control
  • Traverse/Oscillated Wound Stock Payoff
  • Coil Cars, Upenders and other optional equipment available

PRE has larger reels too:

Our larger reels start at 15,000 to 50,000 lb.

PR-6010000-DC 60” wide 10,000 lb capacity.

PRD-124000-DC 4,000 lb payout.