Coil Handing Equipment

These may also be of interest: Many options are available: (see next page) Coil Upender 600 lb Non-Motorized 1,500 lb Double Arbor Motorized 6,000 lb Double Arbor Non-Motorized Reel With Powered Straightener 6,000 lb Motorized 20,000 lb Single Arbor Non-Motorized Coil Handling Equipment PRESS ROOM STARS Press Room Equipment Co./Norwalk Innovation 807-A North Prince Lane Springfield, MO 65802 Phone: 417-864-3636 • Fax: 417-864-3667 PRE pay-out reels and coil handling equipment are the perfect complement to our Air or Servo feeds. Many control options are available on motorized units including mechanical loop arms, Ultrasonic Loop controls and Laser Loop controls to protect the material surface. Capacities range from 600 through 50,000 lbs with single arbor, double arbor, motorized and non-motorized models available. PRE press room equipment - longtime proven performers . Proven performers Standard features: • Heavy duty welded steel construction • Self-centering coil support shoes • Coil keeper arms • Loop-arm control • Quick release on outer keeper arms • Manual arbor expansion on reels up to 10,000 lb • Hydraulic arbor expansion on reels over 15,000 lb • Adjustable air brake on non-motorized reels • All motorized reels include a soft start and stop variable speed drive and speed control